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Best Italian Pizza in the UAE

In the context of the Italian Cuisine World Summit, Dubai 2013 we will be celebrating the Best Pizza in the UAE Competition. It is the first time that a competition of this characteristics will take place in the UAE given the rather recent Pizza Boom that the Emirates are experiencing. Our goal is to award the best pizzaiolo and the best Pizza Restaurant in the UAE.

It will take place at Bussola Restaurant on November 9th, 2013, within the "Piazza Grande Food Show" event: A taste of Italy in Dubai.

Prize: the winner of the competition earns the right to participate in the finals at the 13° Campionato Mondiale del Pizzaiuolo in Napoli, Italy.







1.1.1 The competition is open to selected pizza makers working in UAE pizzerias.

1.1.2 Competitors must be at least 18 years of age at the time of competition.

1.1.3 Competitors can be of any nationality but hold a valid labor card and residence visa for the UAE.



1.2.1 Competitors registration – competitors must complete the registration form and return it by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it within the 1stof November.



1.3.1 Competitors performance will be evaluated by 5 technical judges (chefs, journalists and peers of the Italian Cuisine World Summit).

1.3.2 The names of the judges will be made public only on the day of the competition.

1.3.3 Competitors will present two pizzas to the jury: one within the “Pizza Classica” category and the other one within the “Pizza Napoletana s.t.g. Trofeo Caputo” category (as outlined in 1.3.11).

1.3.4 The pizza prepared must appear on the competitor’s pizzeria menu and if it doesn’t, it must be notified to the competition’s organizers.

1.3.5 After the start from the Competition Director, all competitors have a time limit of 5 minutes to prepare each pizza.

1.3.6 Both the pizza Classica and the pizza Napoletana s.t.g. must be prepared on-site during the competition time. Preparation in advance of the competition time is necessary for certain ingredients (i.e. pizza dough) and is accepted.

1.3.7 Competitors must notify the competition’s organizers prior to arriving at the competition of any ingredient prepared in advance.

1.3.8 The pizza Classica presented to the jury must be prepared using only typical Italian ingredients.

1.3.9 Competitors must notify the competition organizers prior to arriving at the competition which pizza Classica they will prepare.

1.3.10 The pizza Napoletana s.t.g. presented to the jury must be pizza Margherita.

1.3.11 The Italian Cuisine World Summit will supply competitors with a t-shirt uniform.



1.4.1 The competition will be held at the “Bussola” pizzeria and competitors will have at their disposal all the necessary for making a pizza.

1.4.2 The Italian Cuisine World Summit will supply competitors with the following supplies: flour, peeled tomatoes, mozzarella (through its partner Casinetto) and extra-virgin olive oil. Competitors may choose to add other ingredients of their choice and must bring them in a cooler (clearly marked with their name and the name of the pizzeria). Refrigeration will be provided at the contest.

1.4.3 Competitors must notify the competition’s organizers prior to arriving at the competition of any ingredient they will add. All ingredients must be disclosed upon request. Competitors must bring the original packaging of all ingredients used for inspection by judges.

1.4.4 The pizzeria is equipped with a rotary oven and a storage room.

1.4.5 The oven is a combined wood/gas model from Marana Forni.

1.4.6 The oven has a fixed technical configuration and cannot be altered by the competitors.

1.4.7 Competitors must notify the competition’s organizers prior to arriving at the competition of any equipment they are bringing and label them whit their name. Competitors can bring their own pizza peel.

1.4.8 Competitors will be asked to come to the storage room at 13:30 p.m. to do the following: Store their ingredients Notify the competition organizers which Pizza Classica they will prepare Notify the competition organizers which ingredients will be used to prepare both pizzas and which of them will be made on-site or have been prepared in advance.

1.4.9 The competition space will consist of one competition station.

1.4.10 The competition will consist of two competition rounds. All competitors will compete for the Pizza Classica category (one at a time), than all competitors will compete for the Pizza Napoletana s.g.t. (one at a time).

1.4.11 Each competitor will be assigned a start time and he/she will be given 6 minutes for each round.

1.4.12 Competitors will introduce themselves to the jury and will notify the President of the jury when ready to start the performance.

1.4.13 At the conclusion of the competition, there will be a break for the scores to be calculated and a winners ceremony where the “Best Italian Pizza” winner and the “Pizza Napoletana s.g.t. – Trofeo Caputo” winner will be announced. The winners of both the categories will be rewarded with a travel to Italy (A/R flight + nights hotel), to participate in the final competition in Naples. All competitors are required to attend this ceremony.



1.5.1 The evaluation scale is from Zero to 10 Scores (with zero being the lowest score and ten being the highest).

1.5.2 The winner of the “Best Italian Pizza” award will be the competitor who received the highest score. The winner of the “Caputo Trophy” award will be the competitor who received the highest score within the Pizza Napoletana s.t.g. category.

1.5.3 Total score will be tallied by adding the sum of all 5 judges technical score sheets (based on visual, bake, taste, juror’s overall evaluation and Pizza Napoletana s.t.g. special evaluation criteria).

1.5.4 The decision of the judges is final in all aspects of this competition.

1.5.5 Competitors will have no opportunity to review their score sheets with the judges.



1.6.1 Points will be awarded for: taste, correct dough rising, bake, flavor, aroma, lightness, texture, thickness, seasoning, visual presentation/appearance of the pizza, style of presentation, judges’ overall impression of the competitor, his/her skills, personal presentation and his/her working method.


1.7 Evaluation criteria Pizza Napoletana s.t.g.:

1.7.1 The consistency of the Pizza Napoletana s.t.g. should be soft, elastic, easy to manipulate and fold. The centre should be particularly soft to the touch and the white of the mozzarella should appear in evenly spread patches, with the green of the basil leaves, slightly darkened by the cooking process.


1.8 What the judges are looking for

A. Technical skills, creativity and competitor’s passion about the pizza making profession

B. Competitors who may be role models and source of inspiration for others.



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