Italian Cuisine World Summit :: Dubai

Marco Sacco

Piccolo Lago, Mergozzo (Verbania)

Guest Master Chef at

Ernesto Tonetto

Hosting Chef


Marco Sacco was destined to become one of the most prominent chefs on the international culinary scene.

His parents, Bruna and Gastone Sacco, opened their first restaurant, Il Torchio, the same month he was born. In 1972 they gave it up and opened, in 1974, Piccolo Lago, a new restaurant in Verbania, on Lake Mergozzo. Marco went into the kitchen right away, first for fun, then to learn and later to work. The attraction was irresistible and permanent. As the years went by, his attraction for the kitchen grew stronger. He began to apprentice under some of Europe’s most influential chefs, acquiring top-notch professional know-how. In the years that followed, Marco worked next to his father at Piccolo Lago, doing his own research and defining his identity as a chef in his own right. A characteristic openness to innovation and change attracted the attention of the culinary world to this talented emerging chef.

In 2004 Piccolo Lago was awarded its first Michelin star, and only three years later, its second. The first and most visible result of Marco Sacco as a well-rounded chef is Piccolo Lago’s new kitchen. While designed for food preparation, it also conveys the drive, harmony and deep satisfaction that the cook derives from offering his diners a perfect balance between quality, beauty and taste. In 2010 Marco opened his first restaurant in Beijing, the River Club.

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