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Il Comandante, Napoli



Salvatore Bianco is the Executive Chef of Il Comandante, the gourmet restaurant proud and joy of Romeo Hotel.

Hailing from Torre del Greco, he grew up at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, studied in Vico Equense, and gained experience within important kitchens from Capri to St. Moritz, passing through Sorrento, Chianti Senese, Port'Ercole, Milan and Rome.

Young, but relying on solid and valuable expertise, in February 2012 Bianco joined Romeo hotel in Naples as Executive Chef of Il Comandante and, less than a year after his arrival, was awarded its first Michelin star.


Bianco brings to his recipes all the flavors and aromas of the Bay of Naples, that he likes to blend with ingredients and influences from other cultures and territories. His culinary art is expressed through dishes of rare elegance, created only with the highest quality raw material and carefully prepared so as to preserve the taste and nutritional values of each ingredient.

His constant research, strong passion, respect for culture and homeland heritage, along with his strong taste for aesthetics, give rise to seducing gastronomic creations.

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