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Rist.Angelo Sabatelli, Monopoli (Bari)

Nov. 12-15 - Guest at

Andrea Pastore

Hosting Chef


Monopoli. Rome. Jakarta. Hong-Kong. Shanghai. Mauritius. Monopoly.


If he had never been called for an ambitious project in Puglia that never took off,  perhaps today we would not have one of the few regional restaurants we can truly boast about and one of the best interpreters of Italian cuisine at home. But so it went, luckily for us, and a recent Michelin star awarded his return to his origins and his talent, his determination and, above all, the courage to bet on a land full of fantastic products and still tied firmly to the past.


Angelo Sabatelli’s cuisine is inspired by and maintains a constant dialogue with the past, but then transcends it with unique and always surprising results. Traditional recipes become new flavors and are, at the same time, reassuring. Exotic experiences become creative and intelligent contamination. The forms of artistic expression of a feeling out of the ordinary.

It is hard to contain the energy that comes to the table with a wealth of knowledge, tastes and colors and every dish is a feast, feast for the senses, spiritual enrichment.


"A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it," he likes to say, citing a maxim of George Augustus Moore. I do not know, frankly, if he found what he needed here. What is certain is that we found out who we were missing.


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