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La Credenza, Turin



Igor Macchia’s passion for food and creative signature cuisine started many years ago, when he was still working and building up his own personal experience in many restaurants all over Italy and Europe. Among the prestigious restaurants Igor worked for, La Credenza has always been is home plate and, after many years spent experimenting and creating his personal style, both as a chef and pastry chef, he finally started a co-ownership with the restaurant in 2005, that was also awarded with One Michelin Star from the following year.

While signing some of the most famous dishes of the restaurant, Igor also managed to find the time to nourish another great passion of his: the Eastern world and culture.

He started travelling through China and Japan, India and Indonesia, Vietnam and Maldives, not only to promote his culinary art, but also to teach the Italian food-style abroad, and to learn the inner and traditional aspects of the Eastern culture; the result is his original blending of colors and tastes, textures and shapes in the form of his most creative and ambitious recipes.

Among the hotel who invited Igor in their prestigious kitchens, the Ritz Carlton, the Mandarin Oriental, the Cocopalm resort, the Oberoi Hotel, and the Shangri-la just to name a few.

He started too a long terms consultancy project with Grand Victoria Hotel in Taipei, launching a new Italian restaurant called La Festa. In november 2011 he published his first bilingual (Italian\English) recipe cookbook, La Credenza the new season, an interactive book that lets readers travel with him from his kitchen in Italy all around the world. Igor experiments and pushes himself further, researches and re-discovers; he needs the wind of passion and historical food culture to guide him towards his next delicious destination.

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