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All’Oro, Rome

Nov. 16-19 - Guest at


Fabio Nomplegio

Hosting Chef


I’m a young chef and artisan with a great passion for my job. I was born in Monterotondo on May 22, 1976 and began working in the kitchen when I was 14 years-old. Instead of attending culinary school, I traveled abroad to gain experience and during this time I had the honor of working with Ferran Adrià and Marco Pierre White, two of this generation’s most revered chefs. During my four years in England, I learned a great deal about personnel management and I worked with a team of 40 cooks during my four years in Spain. I also spent one year  in China. I believe it takes a combination of passion,  patience and tenacity to  produce consistent results and through my experiences, I am able to understand and customize work

The restaurant’s name has a threefold meaning: “Alloro” means “laurel” the aromatic plant used in cooking which was also a main component of the décor of the original Parioli location.  Oro, or a “gold,” is an homage to the work of my late father, a jeweler, who passed away in 2003.

Our most popular dishes are: Oxtail rocher with celery gelee; the Lamb'urger, a bread and cheese souffle with a mixture of lamb fillet; Baccala’ and potato tiramisu with Cinta Senese; and broth-filled cappelletti with parmesan and saffron, a take on the traditional cappelletti in broth that literally explodes in your mouth.

In 2007, I opened All’Oro, a small 20-seat restaurant, in Rome’s Parioli neighborhood with my wife Ramona Anello, and her sister Carmela. In December 2012, we re-opened All’Oro at the prestigious First Luxury Art Hotel, located in Rome’s historic center, near Piazza del Popolo on Via del Vantaggio. We own and operate two additional venues at the hotel, Misceliamo, an innovative cocktail lounge adjacent to All’Oro, and 0 ° 300 ° Cold and Grill located on the hotel’s sixth floor roof garden, one of Rome’s highest rooftop terraces. The menu features two sections: 0 °, offering cold items such as crudo, tartare, burrata, and 300 ° which features items prepared in a wood burning oven.  The cuisine showcases less elaborate preparations of high quality ingredients.

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