Italian Cuisine World Summit :: Dubai



Le Colonne di Caserta

Nov. 12-15


My name is Rosanna Marziale chef at Le Colonne and di San Bartolomeo Casa in Campagna.  That is my conventional identity, the one that gives an idea about who I am for the reader. It is also the one you read on the door of  my home. But this identity is a pseudonym.

Inside me there is a population. I am also a passionate farmer, a sensual eater, a child who builds her catalog of flavors, an old baker, an anchovie fisherman, a shepherd, a master cheesemaker, a netsurfer and more.

These are my hidden identities: from their dialogue and their alternation in my mind come the choices that I make in the kitchen. If I have chosen Chef as my main identity, it is because it gives me the opportunity to play the role of creative soloist in this choir of voices inside me who sings with food. My scores are the recipes. It is with recipes that a chef expresses herself, not with theoretical discourse.

Like an artist with paintings, a farmer with fields and a hunter with a bag, by showing a recipe, the chef says it all, tells his story and perhaps gives voice to his identity.


I started out working with Visscher and Martin Berasategui, but I have Campania in my heart and in my soul. I put everything of my land into the dishes I prepare both in my family’s restaurant and elsewhere. My cooking is inspired by local tradition, historic dishes from the Campania and especially by the incredible raw materials of the territory. Mozzarella di Bufala, Olive oil from the Campana, caprese, pasta and piazza are transformed into Palla di Mozzarella, Pizza al Contrario, Tonkatsu, Sfera bianca con ripieno rosso.

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