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Dolce Stil Novo, Venaria-Torino



Piedmont, north Italy, Alfredo was born into a home where importance was placed on good food. In a place where there is no sincerer love than the love for food, his approach has its roots in an ancient culinary culture. His curiosity sold on the nature of Italy’s unbeatable home cooking; at 13 he went to help out in the kitchens of local restaurants before deciding to enter catering college at fifteen. Having completed his studies, from 1988-1990, Alfredo Russo served an apprenticeship at different of Piedmont’s Michelin starred restaurants.

Feeling the benefits of training and with a touch of enthusiastic self-confidence, at the age of 22, Alfredo opened Dolce Stil Novo. Three years resolute work earned him his Michelin star and less than 12 months later he met the criteria to enter Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe. In 2004, the leading Italian culinary guide “L’Espresso” awarded Alfredo the title “Italy’s best young chef” thanks to the unquestionable culinary excellence at his restaurant “Dolce Stil Novo”.

Alfredo’s acclaimed kitchen and personal style has also led to collaboration (2004-2008) with the Gran Hotel et de Milan. Heading the Hotel's culinary-art direction means he develops and coordinates all aspects relating to food services within the Hotel and "Don Carlos", its in house gourmet restaurant. While Dolce Stil Novo remains Alfredo’s "anteprima, semiotic laboratory", at Don Carlos he chose to serve Lombardy specialties elaborated in his forever primo style. Other dishes included can and will only be found there. Alfredo has collaborated with Costa Crociere, Eurofly Service and Cristal Cruises to organize “Dolce Stil Novo” themed nights. He took care of the opening night of the Salone del Libro and the inauguration of the Artissima 2005.

He has appeared on screen, featuring on the Gambero Rosso Channel, Italy’s closely followed food channel, which lead to a series of filmed recipes on the programme “Cucine d’Italia”. In 2006 during the Olimpic Winter Games “Torino 2006”, he has organized the most important events. In the same year, he has participated best Italian food congress:

Identità Golose (Italy) and in Paris “Omnivore” (France) the European cuisine festival. In 2007 he has organized The Food Italian Festival to United Nations in New York (US).

The gourmet critic Rafael Garcia Santos has invited Alfredo Russo to deliver a culinary seminar at the (Spain) of Los Mejor de la Gastronomia, *The Best in Gastronomy Congress in the world, which is held each year in San Sebastian, Spain. He is also part of the team Stelle del Piemonte, the best chefs in the region, testimonials of local excellence and chosen to act as its international promoters.

Alfredo has been chairman of many cooking congresses, the more main point has surely been Madrid Fusion (Spain). Celebrity chef, he is a star tv after the last seasons to “kraw sakinim show” for Israeli Television Channel 10. Accolade published his first book ‘Da Idea’ and then Gribaudo has published his volume devoted to the use of honey in sweet and salty recipes In the 2008 the Dolce Stil Novo has moved to a new home: leaving behind its former site of Ciriè, the restaurant has recently reopened inside the Reggia di Venaria, the magnificent complex at the gates of Turin which was once the most splendid of the House of Savoy residences between 17th and 18th century.

The first restaurant inside a royal residence (an honor not even Versailles, Caserta, or St. Petersburg can lay claim to) - in a site brimming with history and memories of the past. In the Venaria, Dolce Stil Novo will be restored to its original splendor after two centuries of neglect. It will return to its function as an ideal meeting place for culture and the art of fine dining. It will be a place designated for hospitality and will welcome visitors of the shows and exhibitions as well as other guests.

The spaces are also completely new and renovated, with two grand dining rooms seating up to sixty guests. All the seats face the terrace of the Belvedere at the top of the Torrione Est and its Pavilion, affording breathtaking bird’s eye views of the entire Savoy residence and

the spectacular grounds. In 2011 The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences has awarded Alfredo Russo and the Dolce Stil Novo Restaurant with the International Five Star Diamond Award.

In 2013 the Italian Touring Club has declared Alfredo one of finest Italian chefs, Dolce Stil Novo restaurant is part of the "Olimpo della ristorazione" list. 

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