Italian Cuisine World Summit :: Dubai



The Italian Cuisine World Summit PROGRAM is the most influential global event promoting Italian quality food, beverages and lifestyle. Its next, sixth edition is also dedicated to the celebration of Dubai as exciting and inimitable worldwide food destination and in particular as the world capital of Italian cuisine and lavish lifestyle outside Italy.  Created by Food and Travel Communications (Australia) in Hong Kong in 2008, the Summit is promoted with the collaboration of the best Italian restaurants of Dubai and, a network with more than 2500 chefs and culinary professionals working in 70 countries around the planet.


Last year’s edition, the first in Dubai, today home to over 200 Italian restaurants, was highly successful and received major media coverage . Twenty five Michelin starred Master Guest chefs coming from Italy were involved, as well as dozens of other talented chefs coming from the best Italian Restaurants all around the world. There was an enthusiastic participation of the public and the Summit was a unique opportunity for B2B promotions.


Once again, in the next edition (7-20 November 2014), the Italian Cuisine World Summit brings together the best Dubai Italian restaurants, Italian food and wine producers, Michelin-starred chefs and culinary experts from Italy and enthusiasts to showcase, celebrate, promote and educate about traditional Italian cuisine, its quality ingredients, beverages and wines, as well Italian fashion, design and lifestyle.