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Among other experiences after graduating from the Institute of Hospitality in Modca (RG), his most prestigious was an internship in 2006 at 2-starred restaurant Da Caino, thanks to Chef Valeria Piccini. Chef Candiano prides himself on always working with passion and humility and making the most of every experience, even those in the simplest places.  For the last twelve years he has been chef at Locanda Don Serafino in Ragusa (RG).


Two important milestones: in 2007 he earned his first Michelin star and in 2013 a second.  Given the extensive background of many of his starred colleagues in Italy and abroad, Chef Candiano considers himself self-taught with an understanding that he puts in roughly twice the effort for each new dish on paper, but he is satisfied that he is expressing his personal style.


His cuisine is full of the tastes and flavors of the Sicilian tradition, and in particular the city of Ibla. For this reason he relies almost exclusively on the raw materials of his territory. He recreates regional dishes for taste, and contemporary recipes for esthetics and concept.


One of his signature dishes has made Locanda Don Serafina a place of pilgrimage for the last seven years: “Spaghetti freschi neri con Ricci, ricotta e seppia” where the richness of the ricotta cheese creates a velvety balance with the strong and iodized taste of the sea urchins. This recipe is characteristic of Ibla, which combines sea and land in its traditional cuisine.

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