Italian Cuisine World Summit :: Dubai


Nov. 11-16 Piazza Grande Food Show


Master Chef Pizzaiuolo Marcello D'Erasmo is 56 years old and was born in the Marche region  in Ortezzano. For 35 years he has been pizzaiuolo at his pizzeria "Mammarosa." D’Erasmo is currently World Champion Piazzaiuolo and has numerous recognition for his unique yet traditional style of pizza.


He recently received the Marchio di Eccellenza Italiana Expo 2015. His other awards include 2008:1st Place Ricci Naples Trophy, 2nd Place European Championship Naples, 2009 International Pizza Tour Championship, 2010: 3rd Place Caputo Trophy for S.T.G Pizza (Guaranteed Traditional Specialty). 2012: 1st Place Caputo Trophy- World Championship, Naples. Gambero Rosso awarded him with three slices (one of 16 restaurants in Italy with this distinction). Present in the following guides for his pizzeria: Foodies Gambero Rosso, Ristoranti d’Italia Espresso, Ristoranti d’Italia Gambero Rosso, Due Spaghetti, Il Gastronauta.

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