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Other Master Chefs coming to Dubai

Pasqualino Barbasso

Pizzaiolo Acrobatico

Mario Caramella

In Italy, Singapore


Guest Master Chefs and Hosting Chefs

Massimiliano Alajmo

Le Calandre, Rubano

Guest Master Chef at

Claudio Melis, Andrea Strim & Luca de Negri

Hosting Chef, Exe. Sous Chef & F&B Manager



Barista Miss Maia Rondero (Delize) wins Best Espresso in the UAE Competition sponsored by Lavazza.



In the context of the Italian Cuisine in the World Summit Dubai 2013, we will be celebrating the BEST ESPRESSO IN THE UAE, an initiative of Itchefs-GVCI and Lavazza "Italy´s Favourite Coffee". The competition will take place on Saturday November 9 at Bussola Restaurant within the Piazza Grande Food Show event.

The competition is open to selected Lavazza Baristas and Baristas of the Restaurants taking part in the Summit. The competitors performance will be evaluated by four sensory judges and one technical judge. The competitors will serve one signature beverage that must be espresso based. Each of the signature beverages must contain a minimum of one traditional Italian espresso shot.


Participating Baristas

Café Julie
Mr Gemar Sumalabe
Miss Maia Rondero
Mamma Italia
Mr Rocky Batanglawin
Café Divino
Mr Fredrick Bejo


The Jury

Will be conformed by Michelin Starred Chefs participating in the Summit and a technical expert, nominated by Lavazza.



Best Italian Pizza in the UAE

In the context of the Italian Cuisine World Summit, Dubai 2013 we will be celebrating the Best Pizza in the UAE Competition. It is the first time that a competition of this characteristics will take place in the UAE given the rather recent Pizza Boom that the Emirates are experiencing. Our goal is to award the best pizzaiolo and the best Pizza Restaurant in the UAE.

It will take place at Bussola Restaurant on November 9th, 2013, within the "Piazza Grande Food Show" event: A taste of Italy in Dubai.

Prize: the winner of the competition earns the right to participate in the finals at the 13° Campionato Mondiale del Pizzaiuolo in Napoli, Italy.


Dubai Hosts the Most Exciting Italian Culinary Show in the World

This year for the first time Dubai will host The Italian Cuisine World Summit – widely considered the world’s most exiting Italian food, drink and lifestyle event.Previously hosted in Hong Kong, his 5th edition of the Summit will be held from 7-10 November at some of Dubai’s most prestigious Italian restaurants.

The move from Hong Kong is thought to be a reflection of Dubai’s burgeoning mix of quality Italian restaurants and as a city that attracts discerning food lovers – both tourists and within its wide multicultural mix of residents. The Summit is also a celebration of Italian fashion and design.

It comprises top Italian Restaurants from across Dubai such as Bice, Bice Mare, Casa Mia, Bussola, Cavalli Club, Ronda Locatelli, L’Olivo, Positano, Roberto’s, Rococo, Certo, Sicilia and Alta Badia. There is also the participation of Center Cut, the Steakhouse of the Ritz Carlton Hotel DIFC and the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management.

Luca Signoretti

“These restaurants all have extremely talented chefs who are the very best promoters of Italian cuisine globally,” said Rosario Scarpato, original creator and current director of the Summit. “They will host 15 Italian guest master chefs with a total of more than 25 Michelin stars. There will be a further 10 Italian guest master chefs from prestigious restaurants around the world including New York, Hong Kong and Singapore.”

Instrumental to bringing the event to the city has been Luca Signoretti, head chef at Roberto’s restaurant - Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), and culinary supervisor of the Summit. Luca is also a longstanding member of itchefs-GVCI. With a network of more than 2200 chefs, restaurateurs and culinary professionals across 70 countries, itchefs-GVCI is a big promoter of the event.

Rosario Scarpato

“With its huge premium hotel and restaurant infrastructure, and open multicultural society, Dubai is the ideal place to host a Summit such as this and I’m delighted it has now become a reality,” said Signoretti.

The Summit has an intense programme of events, including Master Cooking Classes, and the attendance of acrobatic pizza world champion and Master Gelatai. There will be also three exciting competitions – Best Italian Pizza in the UAE, Pasta World Championship and Lavazza Best Espresso Contest.


“Almost all master chefs coming from Italy will include a white truffle-based dish on his or her menu. November is the best month for white truffles in Italy – possibly the most sophisticated ingredient in Italian cuisine.” Scarpato added, “The objective of this Summit is to present the quality and variety of Italian cuisine. We are targeting the event to all those who love their food, are selective in what they eat and like to enjoy a quality lifestyle. The Summit is also a celebration of Dubai, which is set to become a gastronomy world capital.”

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